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Hi Loves,

Just wanted to leave you all with some food for thought. I know how we get caught up in the rut of life and our own emotions. Please hear me out and think about this…

“Be blessed for what you have. Sometimes you take advantage and forget how blessed you are to have the people and the things you do have in your life. If it wasn’t meant to have and or you be where you are now you wouldn’t. Sometimes the very things or people you have in your life you prayed for and wanted and couldn’t believe you had them and now that you do, you’re more focused on picking out all their flaws and what they don’t do enough of and who you think could do more of it. STOP IT!!! That very thing you feel is such a problem in your life will be the very thing you miss and pray you could get back in your life! Be thankful, be appreciative and make the best of your life and current situations. It just might grow into something beautiful if you nurture it.”

That’s enough on this topic. Love one another and appreciate one another. Happiness is so vital in life especially in these times we live in. Whatever your true heart desires you can have it but you must work at it.

Success is yours along with love.


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommy’s out there.

We want to thank you for being the great women you are. For all the late nights you have shared with your child(ren), working long shifts to provide, being so dependable and most of all sharing your love even when you feel you have none to give.

Mom’s are some real soldiers and we thank you for stepping up to the plate to be so fearless. Even though you hold have a national holiday everyday we want to take this day out to celebrate each and everyone of you.

Now, I want to praise my mom. This woman is a pure character but she is my mom and I love her. She has sacrificed a lot for me and showed me what it takes to be a mom. So web I am finally ready I know what I have to give to my future babies and husband.

I love you mommy!


The Price is Right!

Ok, ladies… so we all love to shop and more then anything find great outfits with good price tags. So I did a little searching for you all and found two outfits.

First outfit is a beautiful dress from Forever 21 ladies. It is under the Forever 21: Double-slit Maxi Dress for a whopping $22.80. This a wonderful spring or summer dress. The thing about this dress that make it so great is your accessories. You are able to transform this dress based on accessories that create mood. Take a look:

Double-split Maxi Dress


Now, you’re looking for a sexy outfit for a night out on the town. The “Skinny Faux Leather Overalls’ are it. You can’t go wrong. This is definitely a celebrity style find but for $32.80. Thinking Kim Kardashian and she is known for her leather looks, so what this is faux but it still imitates leather well. Grab this outfit and see how many ladies ask you where you got your ensemble along with all the guys heads you turn. Just so you know you’ve been warned.


Skinny Faux Leather Overalls


Here I even did all the work for you http://www.forever21.com/Product/Category.aspx?br=f21&category=jumpsuit_romper

Are we sold on Mrs. Beyonce Knowles new bathing suit H&M ad? Well, let’s start out by saying H&M knew what they were doing when they selected this woman for their ad. What woman looking at Beyonce wouldn’t want to look as fabulous as her, I am just saying. This ad is beautiful. The photographer did an amazing job. The complementary colors are a plus and very well rounded. Not only is she looking great but she is selling what we all need from H&M, a bathing suit.


So with that being said H&M bathing suits are a go this year ladies wouldn’t you say? Thanks B! Did you know their tops and bottoms are as cheap at $4.95? I think we just hit the gold mine ladies. All I hear in my ears are sweet voices of praise and price worship. I think the goal is to look like Beyonce but not spend like her because clearly none of us are as rich as her. Our moto ladies “Must look fabulous and ball on a budget.”

Take a look at these select pieces that are great basics and won’t break your pockets here: H&M bathing suits

Enjoy ladies!

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